p(x, y)

Tales of Entropy: Entropy and Investing

Previous: Introduction to Entropy Financial markets are systems with high levels of uncertainty. The associated time-series datasets are usually heavy-tailed and suffer from non-stationarity. This means investments - decisions made

Tale Three: Entropy and Deep Learning

Previous: Entropy and Voting Systems The Maximum Entropy Architecture Suppose our task is to classify images. We have some labels $y$ and some images $X$ of dimension 128 x 128.

Tale Two: Entropy and Voting

Previous: Entropy and Investing Technocrasia has declared independence from the Empire. The country's elite is technocratic and they institute weighted voting based on a citizen education's level. Democrasia has also

Three Tales Of Entropy: Introduction

In this blog series I want to show some interesting implications of entropy as a principle in three different domains: Introduction to Entropy Entropy and Investing Entropy and Voting Systems

Mathematical Notes on GANs

The Mathematics of Generative Adversarial Networks Since their introduction by Goodfellow et al (2014), generative adversarial networks (GANs) have piqued the curiosity of researchers for their ability to generate high-quality